The Waw Hotel invites you to enjoy Warsaw

The Waw Hotel is an excellent choice for tourists and travellers who seek a comfortable place to stay near the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The hotel is not only located in a place which will suit long-distance travellers, but it is also well-designed and offers many useful services.

Our hotel is the only hotel near Okecie which offers as many parking places as we have beds. We can provide 57 beds – and 57 parking places. You do not have to worry about parking your car. Choose the Waw Hotel and park comfortably.


The best hotel near the Airport of Okecie

The hotel rooms are simple, minimalist, and clean. The rooms are cosy but not cluttered, and they have been designed to bring our Guests the peace of mind and a chance to relax. Warsaw is a busy city, and the Chopin Airport is the crux of Polish aircraft transport. Our Guests appreciate the opportunity to refresh themselves and rest comfortably amidst such a busy area.

At the Waw Hotel, we make sure to anticipate our Guests’ needs. Not only is the location convenient to Guests intending to use the Airport of Chopin who are in need of a hotel. It is also a place which you can turn into your headquarters when exploring the city as a tourist. We offer rooms to suit diverse needs – from single rooms to family rooms. If you are travelling on your own, we will offer you a room just for you. If your family is coming to explore Warsaw and have fun together, we can offer you an option to share a room and turn your stay into an even more exciting and bonding experience.

A comfortable stay on a business journey

Businessmen and businesswomen coming to Warsaw need to be on their toes to do the best job possible. At the Waw Hotel, we know that travelling for business may cause you some stresses and strains. That is why we make sure to make your stay most enjoyable. We offer you a clean and quiet room, delicious food, a lobby bar, and a gym to help you sweat out your stress!

You will be close to the Chopin Airport in our hotel, and you will be able to travel efficiently, without having to force your way through the city centre.

Gym to help you relax

Some people relax best in their beds, watching TV or reading a book. However, others need to sweat to feel better. That is why we have included a fitness facility in our offer! All our Guests are invited to use our gym. You do not need to give up on fitness during your travelling, and you do not have to make a long journey to a fitness centre. The Okecie Airport is an area with many hotels, but few of them are offering on-site fitness facilities. The Waw Hotel is one of the few.

Conference and banquet facilities

Moreover, if you are in need of an airport hotel in Warsaw, Poland because you wish to organise a conference here, choose the Waw Hotel! We can offer you a conference room fully equipped for a professional and productive experience. The professional facilities and the minimalist design of our conference room are conducive to concentration and professional atmosphere. With us, your conference will be successful!

We can also offer you rooms for corporate events and banquets. Your employees or guests will enjoy a perfect evening at the Waw Hotel.

Cosy and intimate atmosphere

Whether you need a place to stay during a business journey or a vacation, the Waw Hotel will offer you what you need: a safe place to wind down after a day of hard work or excitement. We have 23 rooms to offer. Our hotel is not a behemoth devoid of personality and cramped with travellers. The Waw Hotel is relatively small and cosy, making for intimate and safe ambience. After being jostled on the huge Airport Okęcie, you need a hotel where you can just put your feet up and rest.